Pickups – Matt

In preparation for EGX Rezzed in London we’ve introduced some extra mechanics into TYRED.

We came up with a list of basic powerups that would make the game even more chaotic and added them into the game over the last week.

Tom spent some time creating the artwork- meshes for the powerup symbols, Random Objects and their materials, as well as the glass material on the pickup containers

Occasionally a container (Randomised between sphere, cube and diamond) will fall from the sky onto the playing area, and shuffle between abilities a player can get when picked up. The current ability is shown by the shape inside the container.

Not all pickups are supposed to give players a certain advantage or disadvantage; while some do, we wanted to add a few that make the game even more crazy.

The first pickup turns the player into a random object from a selection of 15 meshes. Some of them are shown in the video below.

The second pickup is a weight that crushes any player it falls on. It’s contagious and can be passed onto other players. Once it is collected the players have 5 seconds before it drops. This timer may increase after more testing.

The next pickup is a Black Hole. Once picked up a black hole will appear and absorb any player that gets near it.

Chains originally were a permanent skin for Spare – the standard car tyre. After a lot of testing and feedback at events we decided it may be a bit overpowered. Now only players who are lucky enough to pick up chains can experience the upper-hand on icy levels.

Because we have a powerup for icy levels, we wanted to create a complete opposite. The Slick pickup takes away a lot of the grip from the tyre who collectes it.

The Spring Pickup makes the player bounce uncontrollably for a few seconds.

The Random Speed Pickup gives the player an increase or decrease in speed. Both can be a positive or a negative in certain situations.

The Freeze pickup covers the player with ice and they’re rendered helpless and slippery for five seconds. This gives other players a chance to knock them off the podium.

The Feather pickup makes the player as light as a – you guessed it. The jump height is significantly increased, while the mass of the player is decreased, and renders them unable to move other players until the pickup wears off.

The Enlarge and Shrink abilities make the player’s tyre size physically bigger or smaller, and along with it heavier or lighter. These can be both a positive and negative depending on the scenario; being bigger does make you stronger but also makes you a bigger target for the wreckingball, whirlwind, black hole etc, and being smaller and weaker makes it harder for other players to bash you out of the way.

We’re likely going to add more Pickups after EGX Rezzed, but priority is getting TYRED online.

Online Multiplayer Customisation – Matt

In the last post I spoke about starting the customisation, and since then I’ve created a menu for the player to interact and customise their tyre how they want.

For the name customisation I’ve added the random names from Singleplayer Customisation, as well as the option to have their steam name as their player name.

I’ve improved the Random Names by sorting them into categories. This way it’s easier to find the name you’re looking for. Animals with Attitude is improved somewhat compared to offline, because there are about 70 characteristics that can be put with about 70 animals, giving that category alone 4900 unique names. I’m going to add that feature into the offline customisation too, once online is further forward.

Like I have mentioned before, online will only be playable as the default Tyre at first. We’re doing this to give us more time to balance the playing field by releasing and modifying the tyres accordingly one by one. For this reason we’re also not including the Chain skin straight away, because we feel it’s a bit overpowered for now, and we’re coming up with mechanics to give players temporary abilities such as chain tyres during gameplay.
A few rims need fixing, like the ones with different materials, such as the pumpkin rim and the Tyred T Rim, but other than that it’s working quite well.

The Colour Customisation is another improvement of what we have for the offline version of customisation. The RGB sliders are still there, but I’ve included a few default colours, including the TYRED Blue, primary colours and secondary colours and a few others. After selecting the colour it can be changed with the sliders to get the specific shade.

One of the next steps will be stopping the countdown for player death timeouts when in the lobby level.

Thanks for reading!


Online Multiplayer Progress – Matt

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here because a lot of the work I’ve been doing is behind the scenes and there hasn’t really been anything to show off.

I’ve been trying to get online sorted for quite some time now, and some parts I thought would be hard have been easy, and other parts I thought would be easy have taken me days or even weeks to figure out. The hardest part has been distinguishing between players, the game spawns a Tyre when someone joins the game, and trying to reference them independently has been a bit of a struggle, which has made customisation really difficult to do.

As it stands at this moment in time, you can host a game or join a game that’s currently being hosted, and you can change your tyre rim to a random colour, and change your name to a random number between 0 and 999, the changes are kept between level transitions, meaning I can now start building the mechanics to give the player the ability to choose the customisation options.

I think to start with we’re going to release the online update with the regular tyre, and add extra tyres once we’ve decided how to properly integrate them into the game, with abilities and drawbacks.

I think that once the customisation is finalised I’ll be able to get a few game modes finished within a couple of weeks. Depending on how fast I manage to get them done we may release the online update in the next couple of months.

Thanks for reading,


Livening Up the Main Menu – Matt

Since the last time the main menu was revamped (which seriously improved the UI compared to the previous one) we’ve had the TYRED logo as the focal point on the screen. Tyres would fall and bounce off the big blocky letters, and we liked it, but we always thought it could be improved.

I’ve spent the last couple of days animating the logo to move around the screen. If anything else needs to be the focus of the screen, the logo will move out the way. It also rotates around to view it at different angles when on the main part of the main menu.

It took me a while to get the collision working properly on it but I’m really proud of the final outcome.

Thanks for reading – Matt

Steam Build – Matt

I’ve spent a few hours today packaging a build for steam. It’s currently awaiting review so we should hear back from Valve by Wednesday.

I logged into steam after publishing the build on Steamworks and there TYRED was! I had a quick play to check it worked and it’s all fine.


We’re planning on filming the trailer on Tuesday so hopefully we can get the store page up in the next week.

Thanks for reading – Matt

Texture Work and Industrial Theme and Drop game mode map – Tom

Over the last two weeks I have been revamping the textures and some fo the models in TYRED.

Below is the list of textures/models that have been revamped.

I have finished 32 out of 36 tasks in this list.

I have added a new variation to our game modes – Industrial, the new textures and models are almost finished.

Below is a video of my updates.

The video contains:

The changes to the fall maps

It shows our Test Map with all textures in (Except Tyre Pong and Wipeout and Drop)

Displacement maps.

And Particle Effects e.g. bubbles.

Lighting is next.

Designated Drivers – Matt

Yesterday I implemented a feature we’re calling Designated Drivers (Tom thought of the name, I’m so proud of him).

One of the issues we faced at EGX was that multiple people were trying to control the main menu, this caused some havoc and following EGX we changed it so that only Player 1 could control the main menu.

I realised that since we plan on implementing a “drop-in/drop-out mid-game” feature there may be times where the game can enter main menu without player 1 being active and able to set up the next game. As easy as it may be to enable Player 1 again I thought it would be a bit faffy.

When the game starts Player 1 is the Designated Driver, and at any time they can surrender the control by pressing the start button, and someone else can claim the responsibility by pressing start. We wanted to prevent annoying circumstances where people kept taking control so the Designated Driver has to give up the privilege before anyone else can take it.

If after a game the Designated Driver has dropped out,  the role will be given to whoever claims it first.

Whoever is the Designated Driver has a steering wheel above their name, and if there is no Designated Driver there’s a shaking wheel above a warning.

Thanks for reading – Matt

Tyre Pong Variations – Matt

Over the last few days I’ve been focusing on improvements for the Tyre Pong game mode. At EGX there a few comments about how we should speed up the gameplay of Tyre Pong. So I’ve added a few variations for people to choose from if they would like a faster game.


Players can select a timed variation of five minutes or ten minutes. The timer starts at the start of the game and when it runs out, the player with the most points (Least cups left) wins.


The Killer Pong Variation gives players 6 shots to clear as many of their cups as possible. If the player scores a point their shot count remains the same, and if they miss they lose one. When everyone’s shots are gone the player with the highest score wins.

the screenshot below shows how many points each player has, and below that is the amount of shots they have left.


In the event of a tie in the above variations, the drawing players have one shot each to score a point in the style of Killer Pong variation.


I’ve spent the majority of today creating a completely original play style for Tyre Pong. As popular as the original variation has been for people, mentions that it was too slow and people could only play one at a time have been quite frequent.

The video below shows Crazy Pong. Three cups in the centre are a short jump away for the players, and the aim of the game is to get into as many cups as possible in a short time frame (A minute).

The cups in the centre spin at a random speed each play, so some rounds will be easier than others. The video doesn’t demonstrate the anarchy that will occur when 4 people play, as I only have one set of hands. Also ignore the grey textures, we’ll start making it look pretty once we’ve tested it.

In the event of a tie, drawing players have another round with a shorter time frame (twenty seconds) to score the highest.

It’s been a really productive day!

Thanks for reading – Matt

New Rims and Textures – Tom

Over the last couple of weeks I have been making more rims for TYRED, here a few I made today. A skull, a skull and cross bones, a radioactive sign, a hazard sign, a peace symbol, a tractor rim, a cool symbol, a tree, ying and yang and a sporty rim.

I have also been revamping textures, I removed the toon shader from our game and Im in the process of revamping the lighting and textures and all round polishing and bug finding and fixing.

New Snow

Normal maps are now visable

I’ve also added fireworks to the win podium (hard to get a picture will update with a video soon)

New Lava

New texture tests

A sand test, a snow test, a lava test. some have deformation and displacement.

We also have emissive maps back!

Shows the emissive and the material for the lava.

I hope to revamp ALL the textures in two weeks time!

Cheers Tom

New Rims – Matt

I’ve spent the day modelling some new rims for TYRED. We’ve always been passionate about giving the players as much customisation as possible.

I created 4 for the car wheel (which we can reuse for the tractor tyre as well) and 7 for the motorbike wheel.

Car Rims

Patriotic Rim – The TYRED T

Pumpkin Rim – Our friend has a gaming channel on Youtube and also does Twitch streams. He’s played TYRED a couple of times on his channels and he made a request for us to add a pumpkin (his channel icon). The rim stays orange regardless of player colour, but adjusting the player colour changes the colour of the glow in the eyes, nose and mouth.

Patriotic Rims – Sekrit Games Keyhole


Motorbike Rims

Tri-Spoke Rim


Holy Tri-Spoke Rim


Crossed Scythe Rim – A tribute to Sons of Anarchy


Anarchy Rim – Another tribute to Sons (I really loved the SOA, okay?)


Glowing Rims – We’ve been unable to use emissive materials for quite some time because of a cel-shader. We’ve disabled the shader and we’re gonna work harder on improving the textures to help it fit the style of the game. I’m making the most of emissives now.


I’m quite happy with the progress I’ve made today. The Car and Tractor Tyres now have 19 Rims in total, and the Motorbike Tyre has 13. I think my next steps will be adding more rims to the bicycle wheel.

Any further suggestions for rims would be appreciated, and you can fire them at us on twitter @SekritGames